Really, Truly Free Love Life Coaching

Well welcome, you lovely person you. So glad to see you here!

I’m offering up a free love life coaching session to folks that I feel have a question that will help a large percentage of my readers. Is there a catch? Of course not! It’s completely free. Here’s how it works.

You fill out the form below, and I’ll let you know if I can use your question for our weekly phone coaching series as soon as possible. As I only do one a week, there’s a limited number of spaces available. Then, we’ll figure out a time that works, meet over Skype, and I’ll give you an hour’s worth of coaching about the issue(s) you’ve shared with regards to your love life, relationships, or really anything at all that you want some guidance and support with. While I do focus most of my work on love, dating and relationships (see my bio), I’m happy to help with anything you feel a need to “fix”.

Once we’ve finished the call, I edit it and then upload the sound recording to my coaching call archive. When other feels a topic resonates with them, they’ll download it.

Take a peek into my paid coaching packages so you have a better idea as to what we’ll get into, or read some of the archives of the Bonny Adventures website for my philosophy, purpose and the ways in which I help others. Or, if you can’t wait (of course, these free love life coaching sessions get booked up months in advance), please do take a peek at the paid offerings instead.

If this all resonates you with you, you’re okay with waiting a bit for an answer, and don’t mind having our session recorded, I’d love love LOVE to work with you!

Looking forward to our time together,