Where Are You In Your Love Life Quiz

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This love life quiz focuses entirely on where you’re at right now, meaning, how you’re feeling and what you can do to shift things towards the relationship of your dreams.

Before starting, think about what you truly, deeply want in love.

Is it where you are right now?

Do you know, exactly, where you want to be? Or, would you like a love life quiz to help you get clarity and perhaps offer some supportive, useful dating advice?

Deep breaths!

Okay, let’s begin. Answer as best you can, using whatever feels right in the moment. No need to overthink your answers.

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3 thoughts on “Where Are You In Your Love Life Quiz”

  1. Its seems that since my two divorces I can’t find my dream lover or friend. Both wives cheated on me and there for I lack the trust . Maybe that my fault but once the trust is broken it is hard to repair.


    1. Send me a note Stan; my contact information is at the end of the quiz. If you’re ready to create a different experience for yourself – one where your partners are faithful, for starters, I can help. Having said that, I can only help if you’re really, truly wanting to do whatever it takes — it’s a lot of work, this bettering ourselves stuff, and many of us just aren’t quite ready yet to let go of the old patterns. That’s okay.

      Let me know when you’re ready. I’ll be here. :)

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